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Web Design by Ken Lenz  
Graphic Design by Ken Lenz  
Photography Post Production  
Custom Illustration by Ken Lenz  
Pencil Drawing of a Bluegill 
Watercolor painting of a Northern Pike by Ken Lenz 
Rocky Mountain Elk by Ken Lenz 
Blackfoot Nation logo design by Ken Lenz 

Ken Lenz Design Solutions

Ken Lenz Design Solutions offers quality and unique design to help your business or idea have it's own identity. Much of today's design is very simular to eachother and template based. The difference with Ken Lenz's designs, is that he is an artist with the ability to not only design your work, but to give it life with an artistic flare! Most of the time when you deal with web designers, they are either coders or desigers which the coder an build the structure of a web site, but usually the design falls short and the opposite of the designer.

So if you are looking for Designer who can do anything when it comes to design, but also will add a unique imprint on your look, check out Ken Lenz Design Solutions.

Ken doesn't just build web sites, he also works extensively with print media, building such things as magazines, post cards and flyers! And of late has been digging into architectual photography and photography post production with his vast Photoshop skills.